Process Framework

We are living in a VUCA world, which impacts the way companies have to bring their products to the market.
VUCA stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.

This means that the need or the requirements on a product could change even earlier as your company can place the planned product in the market. More critical is: A need of a product escapes during your development project. Whatever you identified as a good plan for your project, there is no certainty of remaining till the end of the project.


Complexity of the products increased during the improvement of realizability. This is mainly true for software products, which is a part getting bigger and bigger. Or in other words: No products without any part of software.

To be competitive today, companies must quickly develop new and successful products. They can not do without the support of motivated and enthusiastic employees. Agile methods and modern tools help.

Often, the requirements for the product change during the development so that the requirements of the product have to be adjusted in order to ultimately bring a successful product to the market.