Need Leadership Support?

We are convinced that every technical approach can be improved without exception, in all areas of engineering. Our motivation is never to stop innovating.

In leading of your phase driven projects?

Yes, we take over responsibility as a project lead, responsible for all project management parts: Project planning, Project controlling and Project reporting.

In getting agile or applying more agile to your organization?

Yes, in case your company provides digital products in a VUCA world and you identified that your way of bringing the most successful products into the market is to go ahead with AGIL (e.g. Scrum), we are happy to go ahead this way.

In staffing your projects?

Yes, whenever there is a human resource missing for completing your team, we can have a look in our network, in order to identify the needed engineer for amending your team. Feel free to contact us.

On what kind of industries do we like to support, enforce and love to bring it forward…


Any commercial Web-App with a certain workflow and an added value to a certain community

An IoT thing which mostly consists of a display, plastic housing, mechanical and or electrical parts and embedded software or doesn’t have a human interface

A medical device development project, which objects to help people in the world to get a needed therapy

Our Proposition

In regards to our way of leading projects, we follow the Agile Manifest and apply the values, which have been defined in 2001 even not because this is still popular but because we figured out, that this is t a very best practice when several individuum are working together in a team.

Our Mission

We are convinced that every technical approach can be improved without exception, in all areas of engineering: software, electronics, mechanics and processes. Against this background, our ultimate goal is never to stop. “Never stop engineering” development design and production of technical products will always evolve, through innovation. Our motivation is never to stop innovating.

Our management act as an internal auditor ISO 13485 and DIN EN ISO 9000

Is there anything we can do for you and you want to talk about? Feel free to contact us.